Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Year, New Endeavors

     I must be one of the worst bloggers ever.  Last post was dated October 2013 - what?!  Here it is February 2014 and I'm picking up again.  Oh well, I always was kind of a late bloomer.  Here is my reason for starting up again - I have decided to pursue my art.  My recent research in How to Be an Artist tells me that one of the necessary components to being a contemporary artist is to have an Art Blog.  So- poof!- voila! - Notorious is now an Art Blog!

    Because an Art Blog should probably contain Art, or at least pictures, here are some of my collage/ mixed-media canvases that I've been working on lately:

     I have more, but boy am I having a hard time uploading these pix from my phone!  Talk about technologically impaired! This is why I make my art the old-school way, with paper, scissors, and paint, instead of digitally.  The problem there is that there are lots of fine details to these pictures, like dimensional accents, glimmer sprays, and glitter that don't come thru on reproductions and can best be seen on the original canvases.  Here's more:

     Well, that took me most of the morning.  I really should keep up with this blog, so I don't have to relearn how to do it every time I post!  I also need to get to work making more art, and getting ready for the Art Show and Tea Party on March 1. More to come, I promise!


Chana said...

Beautiful cards,such lovely details. So glad you introduced me to ATC's.

Mrs. Sullivan said...

Thanks, Chana! These are similar in style to my ATCs, but are full size canvases. These measure from 8x10 to 12x16. :)