Saturday, February 15, 2014

So What Makes Me Think I'm Steampunk?

By Phantoms-siren

     This is a good question.  I don't even own a decent pair of goggles, for Pete's sake.  I'm pretty sure I don't have anything with gears glued onto it.  I rarely wear brown, sepia, or cream. In fact, most of the time I wear black and some interpretation of what I think is a Victorianesque look.  I'm certainly not historically accurate.  I suppose I could be most accurately described as being in some kind of Gothic time warp.

(Sorry about that - I had to).

     Which is rather ironic, as I have been accused in the past of  "trying to dictate to others what is Steampunk" (kind of hard to do, since I can't seem to achieve this for myself, let alone anybody else).  I even have the temerity to host a weekly meetup called "Steampunk Coffee & Community"!  And it is well attended!  And people seem to be having fun and liking it!  Some of them even come back!

     So before I get hauled away as some kind of Steampunk "poseur", let me just tell you what I do stand for.  I love the Victorian era, and history in general.  I am fascinated by Science (yes, with a capital S). I like meeting people.  I like making friends and socializing. I like to drink tea.  I like to wear elegant clothes and dress up.  I like to behave in a genteel manner toward my fellow human beings.  I like art.  I like creative self-expression.  I like "weirdos".  I like a "do it yourself" attitude.  I like old things with a history over new things without a soul.  If you're reading this, I probably like you, too!  Maybe Steampunk isn't exactly the right word for me, 'cos I don't shoot a raygun or wear mechanical wings or pilot an airship.  But it is the place where I find the most fun, interesting, and compatible people, so I'm stickin' to it!
Photo by Orange Kraftwerks

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